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In the 1920s, Dewey (Poppa) Magee made a kitchen tool for his wife, Lee. It was a little tool with a hook on the end that she used for almost everything imaginable; turning meat, taking toast out of the oven, pickles out of the jar, etc.

Over the years, Poppa made a few more for his relatives and friends and that is how our little story really begins. He made one for his son, Milton, in the 1950s. Well, Milton used that little hook for everything, and when he married he brought it as part of his "dowry."

Milton's wife, Nedra, loved it too. She used for everything and as she used it more and more, friends would watch and say, "I wish I had one of those, too." Now about this time, Poppa was a cool 94 years young and spry as he could be. He always wanted a project because he had to be busy (that was why he was so spry)!

So Nedra said, "Why don't we set Poppa up to make some hooks and we could give them to friends and relatives and call them 'Poppa's Hook'?" Well, Poppa liked that idea real well and the production began. They set him up in a corner of the sign shop and he went to town! The hooks looked great and they proceeded to give them away, and give them away, and give them away because Poppa was making 20 a day!

So Nedra said, "These hooks are coming out of our ears. We better sell them or something." So Milton started going to craft fairs and Poppa went sometimes, too. They had great fun.

Well, our beloved Poppa continued to make his tools until he died at the ripe old age of 99 in September of 1995. We even buried him with two of the hooks. He was one super old man and we all loved him and miss him very much. He taught us all a lot.

We lost our beloved Milton, but his family is continuing to make the hooks because he promised Poppa that he would make him famous! That is how you have bought the "Almost World Famous Meat Turning Tool," the original Poppa's Hook ©. We thank you so much! We know you will enjoy it as much as we have. Just think of old Poppa and our wonderful Milton every time you use it, Okay?

In Loving Memory ~ Dewey "Pop" Magee
1896 - 1995

Milton Dale Magee



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